Are you looking for a reliable and affordable eviction moving company in New York? We can help! We offer eviction moving services to help make this troubling time a little less stressful for you. When it comes to evicting, you already have enough to worry about without having to add a massive moving bill on top of it. That’s why we offer affordable eviction moving services to help you get the job done in a quick and cost-effective way.

Extra Help Movers provides professional, affordable, and reliable Full Eviction Services. We have been providing evictions professionally since 2018. From the removal and changing of the locks, to storing an evicted customers belongings, to then throwing out anything the customer did not want. Extra Help Movers has seen it all when it comes to evictions.

From the time you book the eviction with us you will be working with a professional logistics manager, or the owner himself coordinating the date and time.

Our professional team of movers will meet the officer on site with the garbage bags and tarps ready for a quick eviction. Hiring a professional to do this work is crucial because the police require a minimum amount of people present on the date of the eviction, and you do not want damage caused on your property during the removal.

In some states the law requires the belongings to be stored in a storage facility so the streets are not littered with furniture and bags. Extra Help Movers will be able to provide this service as well as the removal of the furniture.


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If you are looking for a responsible moving company to assist you with your move, Extra Help Movers is here to help! We pride ourselves on consistency and reliability. Thanks to the hard work of our moving team. We want to make sure your moving experience is fantastic, we pride ourselves on our hard work and strive to make our customers feel like family.