Local Moving

Moving is well-known as one of life’s most stressful necessities, especially in Ney York. Even with short-distance moves such as moving from one side of the city to another, the logistics involved can be overwhelming and time-consuming. In addition to the move, you have to package and label all your belongings and bubble wrap all your fragile items to ensure their safety across town. We offer high-quality local moving services for your home or business. Our professional and friendly movers will treat your belongings with care to make sure all of your property reaches its destination safely.


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If you are looking for a responsible moving company to assist you with your move, Extra Help Movers is here to help! We pride ourselves on consistency and reliability. Thanks to the hard work of our moving team. We want to make sure your moving experience is fantastic, we pride ourselves on our hard work and strive to make our customers feel like family.